Social Media Optimization – Are You Optimizing It?

All of us want to interact. Sadly, that is not happening. Some are speaking. Others do not want to listen. The “inter” remains missing in “interactions”. Where do we land up? A place where:

there are more monologues than dialogues
the content is generated less by consumers than producers
This, however, does not mean that interaction is impossible in social media. Social media optimization services do it for you.You do not want Social Media Optimization, you NEED it!SMO (where S stands for social, M stands for media & O stands for Optimization) is not a luxury for a firm. In today’s age, it is a necessity. More than you, your audience needs you there, as it wants:

instant connection
cost-effective communication
greater access
better usability
All these factors make social media a favorable space for interaction. The Internet is destined to be ruled by its users. They will decide what they want. Apart from this, they will determine how they want it, when they want it and how much they want it. Businesses need to understand that the strength of media lies herein. Any attempt at manipulation is rejected by users.So, the idea is to let users do what they want to. And, keep them doing that. Keep them networked and, to do that, you need to respond to them, connect them with each other and make it easy for them to communicate more.Optimizing Social Media OptimizationWhen we talk of SMO, the fun part is that the activity never ends. The thread of communication in social sites media is never broken. So, there is no limit to the extent to which you can optimize it.Let us understand this through an example. You make a product. Some people buy it. However, customers find it difficult to use. This stops the product from becoming popular. You create a “how to” video that simplifies the use of the product. You put it on your website, weblog (blogs), forum, microblogging (micro blogging such as twitter) profile and other video sharing sites (such as YouTube, vimeo or Every view will spread the information. People love to share. They will communicate about how the product works much better if one knows how to use it. Online buzz will boost the popularity of your product as the “easy-to-use”; USP spreads like a virus.Just to let you know, the scope of sites that can be utilized for SMO purpose, here is a short list of popular social sites: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit,, Propeller, Clipmarks, Technorati, Mixx, FriendFeed, Diigo, YouTube, SlideShare, Orkut, LinkedIn, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, DZone, Yahoo Buzz, Faves, Mister-Wong, Spurl, IndianPad, Searchles, Sphinn, PlugIM, BlinkList, Ka-Boom-It, Megite, Newsvine, Netvouz, Connotea, Folked, A1-webmarks, BUMPzee, Google Bookmarks, Sociologs, Simpy, Swik, Jumptags, Squidoo, ShoutWire, Tagza, Slashdot & Wirefan.The job is not done. It never is with social media. Remember, the time you stop doing social media optimization, your audience has fewer things to talk about. Keep them involved. Build active communities, nourish them and earn the rewards. The unique conversational format can strengthen your relationship with the customer and change the brand perception. It ultimately may drives sales by creating a buzz about your product or service and ensure repetitive business as well as fresh business through referrals. To accomplish it you may even require help of some service provider to perform SMO in a professional and managed way.